09 outubro 2015

Partnership: Hand Pick Looks

One of the most anticipated moments of those is a college graduation party. We spend four years of our lives studying, working and still reconciling our free time to study with pleasure. But when that time comes, nothing else matters. Just think about picking up the straw and celebrating in style.

With that in mind, I decided to make a special post to help those who are also going through this moment and need to buy or rent a beautiful and cheap long dress.

Choosing the color, the fabric, modeling and pattern are difficult tasks. There are numerous options in the physical and virtual shops that end up confusing our head. But try to choose a color you like, total confidence store and a fabric that looks good but at the same time comfortable. Remembering that you are going to dance the night away!

Prom Dresses 2016 has a variety of models and prices that will make you crazy. I personally try to combine discount and fashion in the same dress. In this site you can check out all the original photos of the dresses, in addition to the variety of colors, complete guide with measures, among other novelties.

Something that attracted me a lot were the measurements of each body part. There they teach where we should measure before we buy the dress and the proportions of each centimeter.

I have a thinner waist than my hip, so I always have difficulty buying clothes online for this reason. The thighs are always thicker than the waist, so I have to always choose a number greater than I use to then send it to the seamstress fix.

This news has changed my way of thinking and accepting online shopping. Is not it wonderful?

I chose my favorite looks for you to see and be inspired. Look:

There are graduations that are allowed to use shorter dresses. I separated three amazing and formal models to enjoy the night. The other three are long, classic and modern. I personally found the proposal of long skirt with a cropped top very interesting. Besides getting a more modern look, it is also sexy for letting the belly skin show.

Even better, all these dresses are from the HandpickLooks. You can buy models that are not yet for sale in Brazil.

Liked? I loved! ;)

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  1. I really love the blue one :D

  2. adorei Thaís, este último vestido é liiindo! :D beijos

  3. amei o rosa!!!!

    boa semana...
    bjo bjo
    bye bye
    Gi - Chic sem Grife

  4. I really love it. I hope you can continue to update on this blog, because I would often visit
    Short Prom Dresses UK

    1. Hello, I'm always updating. Click "man" you will see new publications.
      A kiss.